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Why detox?

Toxins are a part of our everyday lives. The body was designed to remove toxins but, after a while the toxins build up and the body becomes unable to adequately remove them. A detox helps the body to safely remove these toxins. 

Where are toxins found?

Toxins can be found in  air and water pollution, preservatives and additives, dyes and paints, some personal care products, pesticides and insecticides, heavy metals, cigarette smoke and other places. 


What are some of the negative effects of toxins in the body?

Food cravings

Weight gain

Reduced mental clarity

Joint discomfort

GI upset

Low libido

The body is designed to eliminate toxins through the following organs:

Liver- Helps the body break down fats, filters toxins, changes toxins into harmless agents.


Kidneys: Supports proper function of the body by regulating and releasing the right amount of sodium, potassium and phosphorous, filters waste and excess fluids from the body.


Small intestine- Creates a barrier that keeps toxins from the rest of the body, absorbs nutrients from digested foods and transports them to the liver


Large intestine- excretes wastes from the body, supports GI health by producing antibodies, creates fatty acids and other nutrients to support the body through the production of bacteria.


The three phases of detoxification

Phase 1- Unlock- Gives the needed nutrients to support the body as toxins become water soluble.


Phase 2- Neutralizing- Gives support to organs of elimination to aid the body in getting rid of toxins. Chemical groups are added to make toxins more water soluble to they are excreted easier.


Phase 3- Elimination-Support motility and organs of elimination so we can properly rid the body of these toxins


What are some of the major nutrients used in a detox?

Glutathione, Vitamin C, B Vitamins, Dandelion leaf, Milk Thistle Extract, Fiber, Protein, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Charcoal.


Oasis Integrative Medicine has a detox program to fit your needs. Look under "Programs" to find out more!

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