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Adrenal Stress Testing

The adrenal glands are two small glands located above the kidneys that produce steroid hormones. When the adrenal glands are not functioning properly it can induce blood sugar dysfunction, decrease the liver's ability to detoxify, negatively impact thyroid hormones, , decrease bone health, encourage obesity, induce depression, , increase the risk factors for cardiovascular and neurological disease, negatively impact gastrointestinal health, dampen immunity, create sleep disturbance and negatively impact hormone regulation.

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Advanced Cardiometabolic Testing

Cardiometabolic testing goes beyond cholesterol and blood sugar numbers. An integrative approach to cardiometabolic health includes assessing lipid particle sizes, inflammation markers, fatty acid balance, markers for insulin and insulin resistance.

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Environmental & Heavy Metals Testing

The air soil and other aspects of the environments contain toxins which can negatively affect areas of our health such as hormones gut and blood pressure. Identifying and addressing issues of toxicity within your body is crucial. This can be accomplished with a blood or urine sample.

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Female Hormone Panels

When hormones are not balanced a wide range of body functions can be affected. This imbalance can produce symptoms that have a negative impact on the quality of life and a possible increase in hormone related diseases. Symptoms of  hormone imbalance include mood changes, brain fog, weight gain and anxiety. Using a customized integrative  approach to hormone testing  can improve quality of life and may reduce disease risk.

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Food Allergy and Sensitivity Testing

Food allergies and sensitivities can not only influence gut health but can also have an impact on mood, hormones, blood pressure, thyroid and autoimmune conditions.

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Nutritional Analysis

Nutritional analysis goes beyond what you need to eat to stay healthy. This test takes a deeper look into mitochondrial health, oxidative stress, toxic burden, gut health and methylation needs

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Gut Health

This stool test identifies individuals with bacteria, fungus parasite, and yeast problems, and inflammation. It also identifies immune deficiencies within the gastrointestinal tract.

Stomach Ache
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